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What is FoFaFiFl?

FoFaFiFl is a Food Loving, Fashion Conscious, Movie Buff, Travel Enthusiastic couple's blog. This is a platform that allows us to explore, document and share the experience that we gain from our travel escapades with fellow travellers like us.

Farha & Shabbir
Farha & Shabbir

Who we are?

Farha Kazi - A social impact creator and human capital developer who is a passionate traveller, bookworm, blogger, chocoholic, thinker and dreamer.

Shabbir Akhtar - A storyteller with a technical bent of mind who loves travelling with the ultimate goal of documenting everything through photographs.

Our Approach to Travel

We are a couple from Kolkata, India, currently based in Singapore, who are travelling the world with our limited budgets, while working our 9 to 5 jobs. We want to share this experience with others like us who think traveling requires a lot of investments and equal amount of free time.

We do not travel through the year, but do it at regular intervals. We ensure we travel at least one month every year, spread across the entire year. That way we do not need to quit our jobs yet we get to travel a lot. And, we plan every holiday in advance, sometime even 2 years in advance. Plans do evolve with circumstances but, till now we have not had to reschedule any plans that we have had made.

As for finances, we indulge in a lot of travel hacks, earning air miles and redeeming them. We always try to ensure that we do not have to spend on our flights, which is the major expense in every holiday.

Another important part of our travel is the fact that we do not involve any agents. We plan and book every part of our travel ourselves - hotels, cars, boats, everything is done by us. This not only saves us money, but also allows us to learn a lot, make new friends and understand the language and culture of the land we are travelling to.

Read our blog to know more about our experiences and to learn how you can also travel the world like us. Better still, you can even join us in one of our future travels and have these once-in-a-lifetime experiences with us.

As we always say, 'it is never too late to start, but it is always better to start early', we urge you take the leap of faith and join us in our travels escapades to explore the world that lies around us.

The Gear We Use

When choosing the right gear for you to capture your memories you cannot go with the one-size-fits-all theory. Every camera, lens, memory card and mount has its own pros and cons. What suits your purpose best is what you should figure out before making the investments - read about them, see the reviews by experts, visit the store to get a feel of the gear and most importantly rent them for a few days if you can before making the purchase. What others find good about a particular gear might not be a good enough reason for you; you might not want it or might want to use it differently than what most people do.
Below we layout our most used gear and where you can buy them. We will also put up a blog in the future, detailing why we use a particular gear for the genre we have mentioned it with so that it helps you make your choice when you go around picking your gear.

Primary Camera

Travel Landscape Lens

Travel Street Lens

Travel Food Lens

Portrait Lens

Candid Portrait Lens

Travel Telephoto Lens

Bird & Wildlife Lens

Action Camera

Battery Pack

Primary Mount

Diving Mount

If you are interested in acquiring the rights to use any of the photographs that you see on this website, please visit our Shutterstock portfolio by clicking here.