Quick Guide: Traveling From Bangkok To Koh Kood (Ko Kut)

The people of Koh Kood call their island the ‘still unspoilt island of Thailand’ and they can not be more precise in doing so. The island is so bent on keeping its ecology intact that over 70% of it is still unexplored. Moreover, unlike the other islands, no tourist is allowed to bring their car to Koh Kood. The only mode of transport in this island are bikes and handful of taxis. But, this should not deter you from visiting Koh Kood – it has something for every traveler and should be part of your Thailand itinerary.

Koh Kood is a part of the Trat Province in Eastern Thailand, situated in the Gulf of Thailand and has influence of the Cambodian culture due to its vicinity to it – this is something you will definitely notice once you spend some time there.

Reaching Koh Kood from Bangkok is pretty easy. All you need is some planning and choosing the right connections. The best way to reach Koh Kood from Bangkok is to fly into Trat Airport, drive to Laem Sok and sail to Koh Kood.

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The Perfect Weekend Getaway Near Kolkata – Shantiniketan

Kolkata itself is a paradise for travelers with its various offerings – from the fast moving metro-city vibes and five star joints to the traditional pockets which still hold the old world charm, from Yautcha and Oh Calcuatta to Mitra Cafe and Chitto Babur Dokan, from Hard Rock Cafe to Coffee House…the list goes on and on. While Kolkata alone is enough to entice travelers, there are plenty of places that one can visit from the City of Joy that makes it an even better option to add as part of our itinerary when you are visiting this part of India. There are various places that you can visit from Kolkata for a day or two like Baharampur, Bakkhali, Darjeeling, Diamond Harbour, Hollong, Digha, Kurseong, Kalimpong, Malda, Gadiara and Sunderban, among a host of others. But, there is one particular place that you must add to your list if you are planning to go on a short trip from Kolkata for a weekend – Shantiniketan. In this blog we will give an insight on how you can plan your trip to Shantiniketan.

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How To Reach Koh Lipe from Bangkok?

Koh Lipe is part of the Tarutao National Marine Park, situated in the Andaman Sea, very close to the Malaysia border. To be honest, Koh Lipe is easier to reach from Malaysia, via Langkawi, than from Thailand.

But, that should not deter you from including Koh Lipe in your itinerary when visiting Thailand. It is a beautiful place with lovely beaches, crystal clear waters, nice places to party, great places to eat… the list goes on – truly, a paradise on earth with a laid-back lifestyle.

Reaching Koh Lipe from Bangkok is pretty easy. All you need is some planning and choosing the right connections. The best way to reach Koh Lipe from Bangkok is to fly into Hat Yai, drive to Pak Bara and sail to Koh Lipe.

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What You Should Do When You Are In Koh Lipe?

Koh Lipe, an exotic island in the Andaman Sea, part of the Tarutao National Marine Park, is as similar to every other party spot of Thailand as it is different from them. To be honest, Koh Lipe is unique, in more ways than it can be mentioned – it is a place you go to party, it is a place you to go to dive, it is a place you go to kayak, it is a place you go to sunbathe, it is a place you go to see the best sunrise & sunset, it is a place you go to laze in your resort… all of this and more from an island which is about 2km in length and 2.5km in width. Yes, it is so small that you can explore the entire island on foot. Basically, if you want to enjoy your short vacation in style you go to Koh Lipe.

We spent a few days between Christmas and New Year in Koh Lipe.

Here are, according to us, the places you should visit when you are in Koh Lipe.

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The Top 8 Places to Visit in Koh Kood (Ko Kut)

Koh Kood (or Ko Kut), an exotic island in the Gulf of Thailand, is the perfect Thai tropical getaway without the typical crowd that such places are associated with. This unspoilt paradise has pristine beaches, beautiful waterfalls, lush greenery, amazing underwater life and friendly fishing villages. This island basically has something for everyone – you can soak the sun at the beaches, trek the waterfalls, explore the island, experience traditional Thai seafood & culture or laze around in your resort with some great food and drinks.

We spent a week in Koh Kood between the last week of December 2018 and first week of January 2019.

Here are, according to us, the 8 must visit attractions in Koh Kood for all kinds of travellers.

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