We understand that planning a vacation can be a daunting task. Booking multiple flights, boats, cars, hotels, restaurants - all of these could be quiet mind-boggling. You might not have the mind space or the time to do all of these research and bookings, all the while keeping a track of the different connections. But, that shouldn't deter you from planning a vacation to your dream destination.

That is where we come in to help you with your travel plans and give you a life time of memories and experiences.

Don't waste your time and money on of the many conducted tours; where you travel with scores of strangers, fight for a seat on the bus, stay longer than you want in a spot you hate, leave quicker than you want from a spot you love, eat in a restaurant you don't like, stay in hotel you are not comfortable in...the list goes on and on.

When we come in to help you with your travel plans, they are tailored to your needs, based on your preference. From your seat in the flight to the lounge that you wait in the airport, from the room that you stay in to the daily itinerary, from the restaurants you visit to the car you travel in - everything is recommended exactly how you want it.

The only caveat; we only recommend you for locations that we have visited and spent months researching, if not years. The list could be small now, but we are adding more locations every year.

Current list of locations where we offer our services:

  • Singapore - the place that we currently call home
  • Sinquerim & Candolim (Goa) - the perfect blend of luxury and the shack life of Goa
  • Galle (Sri Lanka) - travel back in time and enjoy the slow life, but with a mix of luxury and tropical paradise
  • Bali (Indonesia) - the perfect tropical paradise with rich culture and unique expereinces
  • Kashmir - it is called the 'paradise on Earth' for reasons it lives up to
  • North Bengal (West Bengal) - the perfect place to explore the Himalayan foot hills
  • Delhi (during Ramadan) - a must do for all those who like to travel for food
  • Colaba (Mumbai) - nestled within the skyscrapers is a land caught in time
  • Halong Bay (Vietnam) - one of the most picturesque locations of the world
  • Tam Coc (Vietnam) - Halong Bay on land, which allows you to experience rural Vietnam
  • Ninh Thuan (Vietnam) - one of the largest producers of wine in Vietnam
  • Phan Thiet (Vietnam) - the best beaches of Vietnam and the only place you would sand dunes
  • Hanoi (Vietnam) - the best of the old-world charm of Vietnam
  • Saigon (Vietnam) - the glitzy life that Vietnam promises
  • Hiriketiya (Sri Lanka) - the unseen beach of Sri Lanka
  • Koh Lipe (Thailand) - the smallest yet most happening island of Thailand
  • Koh kood (Thailand) - the unspoilt island of Thailand
  • Bangkok (Thailand) - look beyond the clutter and you can still see the 'real' Bangkok
  • Bhutan - the most picturesque location we have visited
  • Agonda (Goa) - the best beach of mainland India
  • Majuli (Assam) - the largest river island in the world
  • Kaziranga (Assam) - the land of the single-horned rhinos
  • Shnongpdeng (Meghalaya) - the hidden gem of Northeast India
  • Sohra (Meghalaya) - a 'must visit' if you are traveling in India during monsoons
  • Shantiniketan (West Bengal) - a perfect place for the culturally driven
  • Kolkata (West Bengal) - the city of joy, the cultural capital of India, a foodie's heaven, our hometown


What we offer?

Escorted Luxury Travel

We travel with you to some of the most exotic locations and ensure you have a life-changing experience.

Luxury Travel Consulting

Want to travel to some of the most exotic locations around the world? Leave the planning to us.

Budget Travel Assistance

Want to travel to some of the best location around the world on a budget? We will help you plan your trip.

Cultural Dining Tour

Visiting Kolkata and want to try Bengali cuisine, while learning the history of every dish you are having? Join us.

Heritage Food Tour

Kolkata’s food is entwined with it’s heritage. Join us and explore the heritage, streets and tastes of Kolkata.

Kolkata Walking Tour

The city of Kolkata offers an eclectic mix of cultures. Joins us and experience the best the City of Joy has to offer.

How do we do, what we do?

We do not travel through the year, but do it at regular intervals. We ensure we travel at least one month every year, spread across the entire year. That way we do not need to quit our jobs yet we get to travel a lot. And, we plan every holiday in advance, sometime even 2 years in advance. Plans do evolve with circumstances but, till now we have not had to reschedule any plans that we have had made.

As for finances, we indulge in a lot of travel hacks, earning air miles and redeeming them. We always try to ensure that we do not have to spend on our flights, which is the major expense in every holiday.

Another important part of our travel is the fact that we do not involve any agents. We plan and book every part of our travel ourselves - hotels, cars, boats, everything is done by us. This not only saves us money, but also allows us to learn a lot, make new friends and understand the language and culture of the land we are travelling to.

We have made friends and connections in each of the places that we have traveled to and they help us with your bookings and to ensure you have a wonderful time.

So, just forget all your worries and let us handle your travel plans. We love travelling and we will ensure you love it too. As we always say, 'it is never too late to start, but it is always better to start early', we urge you take the leap of faith and let us plan your future travels escapades to explore the world that lies around us.

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